Diego Zapatero joins Lost In Thought


After searching long & hard and far & wide for a keyboardist, the LIT lineup is finally completed. We would like you to join us in welcoming Diego Zapatero to the LIT family.

Here is the completed lineup from left to right;

David Grey - Josh Heard - Deane Lazenby - Chris Billingham - Diego Zapatero


Deane Lazenby joins Lost In Thought


We would like to welcome our long time friend, Deane Lazenby to Lost In Thought as our vocalist.

We're extremely excited to have Deane on board with us and we really can't wait to show everyone how LIT is sounding with Deane. We shall be posting some sneak peaks up within the near future so you can all hear for yourselves how awesome it's sounding.

Keep an eye on our social media pages, we will keep sharing pictures and videos of the process!


Lost In Thought split Nathan Loosemore

Unfortunately, we have taken the decision to part ways with vocalist Nathan.

Over the past months, there have been differences of opinion and views on most decisions and discussions that we've faced as a band. This has created a difficult work environment and has at times, created sour feeling. Though we have tried to resolve these issues, attempts to talk through any differences and progress have been met with negativity.

We've made this decision with the best interest of the band and fans in the front of our minds. We also wanted to avoid the personal relationships getting any further strained.

This decision has been tough and has been thought through thoroughly. We hope that you understand.

We of course wish Nathan all the best for his future endeavors, musical or otherwise.


Drum tracking Has finished

Drum tracking for Album number 2 has been completed.

The live room at DMG Studios has been cleared and we are making preparations for the other instruments and amplifiers to be setup ready for tracking.


Chris Billingham rejoins
Lost In Thought

As some of you may have noticed, Josh has been busy tracking all the bass parts over the past few weeks for album number 2. Normally, we would have gone into the studio to track all the drums before proceeding with the rest of the instruments but due to unforeseen circumstances, Bradley is no longer able to be a part of Lost In Thought. We would like to wish him the all the best with his next musical endeavours.

On the back of this bad news however, we have an amazing announcement to make that I'm sure you'll all be happy to see. We would like to welcome our friend and original drummer Chris Billingham back into Lost In Thought.

Please join us in welcoming Chris back into the LIT family and let us know how excited you are about album number 2!

Chris Billingham